Luís Simões beefs up presence on the Iberian Peninsula

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The Portuguese road logistics operator Luís Simões has expanded its logistics network with four new Logistics Operations Centres (LOC): three in Portugal (Algoz, Azambuja and Albergaria) and one in Spain (Barcelona).

The haulier has expanded its operational capacity to meet the growing demand of its business. All told, the new premises will have a built area of 37,000m2 that will be able to handle over 42,000 pallets.

It will also increase employment in the sector by creating 70 jobs in different areas of the business, and provide greater efficiency and flexibility to its clients seeking high turnaround logistics solutions.

In Portugal, Luis Simões has expanded its activity in Ajambuja (Vila Nova da Rainha) with a new 20,000m2 premises and a capacity to store 24,600 pallets.

The premises boast the latest technology as well as 22 loading/unloading docks that work simultaneously and have handled around 500,000 pallets and 17,000 vehicles since it was opened on March 1, 2023.

The company also opened a new warehouse in Albergaria in the centre of Portugal with an operational floor space of 8,497m2 with spaces for reception, warehousing, picking, packaging and dispatch, and able to handle 8,287 pallets and has 11,520 places for boxes.

Further south, the Algoz warehouse covers 4,060m2 of useful area with the capacity to handle 4,000 pallets.

In Spain, the new LOC in Barcelona is focused on drinks and has the capacity to store 5,000 pallets, and 3,700m2 of space for unloading, stock control, orders preparation, packing and distribution, product handling and tax documentation.

Luís Freitas, Managing Director of Logistics at Luís Simões says: “In 2023 we established the goal of continuing to increase our business turnover, which is why it was vital to continue expanding our operational network with new logistics centres. We’ve done that and the results have exceeded our expectations”.