Postal service regulator tells CTT to shape up or pay out!

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Portugal’s communications and postal service regulator Anacom has called on the government to “force” postal company CTT to improve its postal services.

CTT, run privately under government concession, is widely seen as a shambles, but now the postal services regulator ANACOM has advised the government to force the company to clean up its act.

On 2 May ANACOM sent a proposal to the government to “force CTT to make investments in improving the postal service for having violated the parameters of postal quality service in 2022” according to the online news source ECO.

The regulator says that CTT failed all of its quality targets that it had to meet that year, and for this reason should have to compensate its customers by slashing postal services costs.

And in 2021, during negotiations for the new concession contract with the then infrastructure minister Pedro Nuno Santos, the previous government had stated that until CTT could prove it had spruced up its act with new quality indicators, CTT would be penalised by having sign up to “investment obligations”.

“Under the terms of the contract concession, the failure to meet service quality indicators that came into force in 2023 means that they have to make investments” says the regulator. It is now down to the new AD government led by Luís Montenegro to decide what levels of investment compensation should be adopted.