Spain’s Ferrovial wins tender for IP3 motorway enlargement project

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Spain’s construction company Ferrovial has been awarded a more than €100 million contract to widen the IP3 dual carriageway between Santa Comba Dão and Viseu.

A Portuguese consortium led by Teixeira Duarte lost out on he multi-million euro tender because it didn’t manage to get all the necessary documents together required for the road upgrade according to news source ECO.

Portugal’s public company in charge of the country’s public-owned roads, Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) has selected the consortium comprising Teixeira Duarte, Gabriel Couto and Embeiral to construct the first phase of the works on the IP3 on the basis of the high quality of the tender, despite their project costing the most at €118.15 million.

Spanish rivals Acciona and Ferrovial and Portugal’s ABB are still contesting the preliminary result of the competition, but IP is sticking firm to the contract award.

Ferrovial’s bid was the lowest at €103 million. The construction firm will also need to deliver all the necessary documents, and if they do so the contact should be signed in July.