Abandoned houses to be rented

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Lisbon Tenants Association (Associação de Inquilinos Lisboneses) has welcomed a measure which will set aside abandoned properties for rent. However, it has called on the Government to revise some laws enabling tenants to be evicted at the end of a contract without renewal. 


The President of the Lisbon Tenants Association (AIL), Roman Lavadinho, has welcomed proposals on the requisition of abandoned property to be set aside as subsidised housing for the elderly but warn that this alone won’t solve all the current rental problems.

Mr. Lavadinho said that despite not knowing the proposals well, that seemed to positive that they can help minimise some of the problems facing tenants.

The AIL says that the solution will not solve the problem of evictions and high rents completely but was a good measure and a positive move.

In the AIL president’s view the overall problem comes down to the law as it currently stands and permits tenants to be evicted if their contract has come to an end without the prospect of renewal.  

“We think that the law has to be reviewed urgently. What’s happening now with the popularity of Lisbon is that the rental market is overheating. The solutions presented may help but won’t solve the problem which can only be done by changing the law,” says Mr. Lavadinho.