Portugal 4th most peaceful country in the world

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Portugal is the 4th most peaceful country in the world according to the Global Peace Index (GPI).

In 2017, Portugal had ranked as the third most peaceful country in the world to live but has dropped down one place from its 3rd position in 2017.

The top five most peaceful countries were: 1. Iceland 2. New Zealand 3. Austria 4. Portugal and 5. Denmark.

The country’s economic improvements in recent years have been notable. It ranked 18th in the 2014 GPI.

Portugal’s development in recent years hinges in improvement in the political instability indicator in the report.

Notably, the recovery from the 2010-2014 financial crisis has led to a more stable political and economic scene. In December 2017, Portugal’s unemployment fell to a 13-year low, to below eight percent.

Portugal’s healthy score in the 2018 Global Peace Index is down to the 65% of indicators that remained unchanged from the previous year.

The Ongoing Conflict category saw no change at all although the Militarisation domain did see several minor deteriorations.

The Global Peace Index, created by the Economist magazine in partnership with the University of Sidney, uses 23 indicators to build its model of the most peaceful countries in the world.