Three Portuguese MAs in world ranking

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Lisbon’s Universidade Católica, Novo SBE and ISCTE have made the Financial Times world masters degree ranking for business management.

The business management degree run by Nova SBE, which recently moved to its new purpose-built state-of-the-art campus at Carcevelos has made the Top 10 in  terms of International Business Management.

Portugal is now the sixth country with the best business management degrees, behind France, the UK, Germany, Belgium and Holland.

The Universidade Católica and Nova SBE were both in 30th position in the ranking while the Business Management course offered by ISCTE came in at 77th position.

The classification represents a substantial fall for Nova SBE and a slight move up the table for Católica: in 2017, the first was in 17th position and the second in 38th. ISCTE in turn rose seven places compared to last year.

Despite the fall in the masters in business management ranking, Nova SBE is the only Portuguese high education establishment to make the list of the Best International Business Management courses in the world and in the Top 10, coming in at ninth place.

“We are extremely proud to see our CEMS (Masters in International Business Management) in the Top 10 of this world ranking table.

“Nova SBE has for the past 10 years been the only CEMS partner in Portugal and one of the largest faculties in this global alliance which includes 31 of the best business schools in the world,” says Rita Cunha, Academic Masters Director for Nova SBE.