New 4-star hotel for Seixal

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The Tagus south-side town of Seixal has plans to become a Lisbon river resort with three new hotel projects.

One of the hotel projects is a 4-star hotel that will be in the former Mundet cork factory with stunning views over the river and Lisbon to the north.

Work is slated to start in 2019 with an investment of €19 million. “We are putting ideas we had in 2017 into action and are presently carrying out viability studies for this project and two other hotel projects” says Joaquim Santos, Mayor of Seixal City Council.

The Mundet hotel located right on the river opposite the prommenade, is currently the subject of a competition to develop the hotel with three interested parties and a stipulation that the project maintains a link with Seixal’s cork heritage.

The hotel will have between 120 and 150 rooms and should be open for visitors by 2020. The two other projects are the Hotel Largo dos Restauradores which will be linked to a nautical centre and eateries, and the transformation of the XVth Quinta da Trindade into a hotel on the 15,000m2 site.