Startup Braga creates customer feedback platform

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Startup Braga has created a platform to provide local startups with feedback from clients, users and investors on their services in real time.

The platform will initially be tested out on a sample of 20 startup companies with which users and investors can inter-react.

The main goal of the platform is for startups to understand why “some users do not go on to buy their products and the investors who do not contact them” explains the innovation hub in a press release.

Startup Braga mainly focuses on areas such as medtech, nanotechnology and digital business and houses 123 startups. The initial sample, however, features just 20.

The ‘beta-testing’ platform is linked to the entity’s site and will constantly be updated for all 20 companies in the pilot study.

Alexandre Mendes, director of Startup Braga says that the platform will “bring startups even more closer to their customers by creating a direct channel where the latter can provide their feedback in real time to the startups that comprise Startup Braga which can be very important so that entrepreneurs can improve their products.”

Startup Braga is run by InvestBraga which supports the development of enterprising projects through the creation, incubation and acceleration of startups.