SDO and the Power of Imperfection

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The Lisbon-based consultants SDO Consulting unveiled its new brand identity at its event ‘The Power of Imperfection’ recently.

The celebration of its new brand identity was aimed at its clients and partners and featured 200 invitees from all sectors of Portugal’s business sector and included various overseas guests.
The event and the brand springs from the firm conviction that it is worthwhile to discover “the new SDO Consulting,” a rare combination of skills resulting from 29 years hard work and technical competence in the market, with a new boldness in thinking aimed at building a future together with clients and partners within a logic of cooperation — an area which SDO is a specialist and has called “co-creation”.
SDO is a Portuguese consulting company specialising in Human Capital. It has a heterogenous and experienced team aligned with best international practices based on sustained methodologies in the area of human resources, customer management, management consulting, human capital management, evaluation and training.
The event was aimed at showing SDO’s new position in the market, strategic, innovative, visionary and capable of translating ideas, plans and projects into action.
The slogan for the event “The Power of Imperfection” reflects SDO’s base DNA – translated in the countless projects completed — and which is product of its singularity, imperfections that are also its strengths.
In her best-selling book The Power of Imperfection, Ruth Scott argues that there is power in imperfection if we are able to work with and own our complexities and imperfections, we will find within them great resources and riches from the messiness and creative potential of being human.