BERD exports 125 modular bridges to Peru

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The Portuguese civil engineering company BERD has won an international tender worth €17 million from the Peruvian Ministry of Transports to manufacture modular bridges to be delivered this summer.

The modular bridges will enable the Peruvian government to makes 25% savings on previous tenders.
BERD – Bridge Engineering Research & Design – will supply 125 modular bridges with spans of between 15 and 60 metres worth €17 million, a deal which should open up opportunities in new markets in the modular bridge segment.
The capacity to easily and quickly assemble these bridges provides BERD with a competitive edge using a smaller team of men to erect a bridge in one week.
The 125 bridges comprise a reduced number of easily assembled pieces using around 6,000 tonnes of steel which will be dispatched in 300 shipping containers.
“We won this international tender competing against the main international players in the sector which represents a huge recognition of the quality of the products we manufacture.
“Through innovation we changed the standard offer in the market which had been restricted to adapting the problem to the solution,” says Pedro Pacheco, CEO of BERD.
BERD expects a healthy growth in the supply of modular bridges in a first supply phase in developing countries with a focus on South American and Africa.
The company is also developing several commercial and industrial partnerships that will assist it to penetrate some of these markets.
BERD is based in Porto with headquarters in Matosinhos.