Developers in high attendance at SIL 2019

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National and international developers are expected to attend October’s Portugal Property Fair in force according to the Portuguese Association of Developers APPII.

The association is the strategic partner for the 22nd edition of SIL (Salão de Imobiliária de Lisboa) which runs from 10 to 13 October and for which 30 exhibitors, all APPII members, have already signed up.
These will include developers, investors and their associates and partners such as Habitat Invest and the JPS Group which have chosen SIL to launch some of their latest project and showcase developments already underway on stands of 30 m2.
The two developer giants will have a prominent position at the fair in terms of the market, with end clients and potential home buyers for their various housing projects.
Other companies who also are APPII members include real estate developers such as Nexity, Level Constellation, Mexto, Lantia, Optylon Krea, Pujol Invest and Lusoproa, as well as Conceito Arcquitectos, Porcelanosa, Contacto Atlântico, MAP Engenharia, RBDL, Embeiral, GAREN, Grupo Future, Staging Factory, Homing, the BNI Group, Victoria Seguros, Caixiave, Reynarers and Grohe as well as the important participation of IFRRU 2020.
Conceito Arquitectos will be the atelier responsible for designing the main or Grand Stand by architect Diogo Freire de Andrade.
On October 10 the APPII will throw the usual Grand Cocktail sponsored by Habitat Invest at which the 2019 Guide to Developers and Investors will be launched which will feature around 1000 professionals.
In addition to being the Strategic Partner for SIL, the APPII continues to be a member of SIL’s Strategic Board to begin a new cycle of conferences at the largest property trade fair in Portugal with the support of FIL (Feira Internacional de Lisboa) including those focusing on the industry and real estate investment.