Golf industry fights for VAT at 6%

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Portugal’s golf industry is continuing its struggle with the government to have the VAT rate reduced from 23% to 6%.

The subject has come to the fore recently after a commentary made by the left-wing Bloco de Esquerda MP Mariana Mortágua who suggested on national television that the VAT rate for golf be raised from 6% to 23%.
Portugal’s Golf Industry National Council (CNIG) pointed out that in fact since 2012 the VAT rate on the golf industry is in fact 23% and not 6% as was claimed on the comedy TV show.
In fact, the golf sector has been struggling to get the Portuguese government to reduce VAT on the industry to 6% in line with the restaurant and café and hotel sectors.
“Tourism is Portugal’s export industry par-excellence and golf is certainly our sport within the tourism sector that is most famous on an international scale and worth €140 million in direct revenues.
“Playing down the importance and the impact that the golf industry has in our society is making a conscious decision to trivialise a crucial part of our tourism strategy towards the economic development of Portugal and its tourism industry and job creation and belittles one of the few industries in which we are competitive at an international level.”