Industrial output falls 4.8% in August

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Portugal’s industrial output fell-4.8% in August this year – -2,4%-2,4% down on July – according to data from the National Statistics Institute.

The fall was influenced by the energy sector without whose impact the index would have registered a -0.3% variation.
The energy sector had the greatest influence for the aggregated index variation (-4.6% p.p.), derived from a variation rate of -22.2% (-11.4% in July).
Intermediate and consumer goods also made negative contributions, of -0.8 p.p. and -0.4 p.p., respectively, verified by like-for-like variations of -2.4% and -1.2% (0.7% and -0.8% in July), respectively.
Only the Investment Goods sector saw a positive performance of 0.9 p.p. which went from a variation rate of -0.4% in July to 6.2% in August.
In terms of monthly variation, industrial production saw a monthly variation of -1.0% in August (4.6% in July). The energy sector saw a monthly variation of 9.9% in July and -12.0% in August, contributing with -2.3 p.p. to the variation of the total index.