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Leadership Summit 2019: the age of algorithms

The third edition of the Leadership Summit Portugal has thrown down the gauntlet to specialists to reflect on a solution to one of the burning issues for the future of leadership: “Are we all going in the same direction?”
“I am not a robot, I am a human being” said the first speaker, Haridimos Tsoukas from Greece who opened the 3rd Leadership Summit Portugal which took place at the Estoril Casino on Tuesday.
In a presentation with the title “The Beautiful Evil and the Transcendental: AI and Spiritualism,” he explained how philosophy and spiritualism in leadership can provide part of the answers.
“We need to develop what we already have: Our unique human skills of understanding, adaptation, empathy and transcendence,” said the philosopher, who says that the particularities that make us human cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence.
“AI is part of our lives, but it does not understand the inputs that it processes and the outputs that it generates,” argues Tsoukas.
“Humans can offer more than AI and robots through philosophy, management and leadership,” by, for example, the human capacity for spontaneity”, says Tsoukas.
Understanding the “meaning horizon,” which is implicit, feeling the tacit dimension — which is now shown with voice or words — studying the present with experiences from the past, feeling empathy and “sixth sense,” are all characteristics robots don’t have,” he said.