Cascais in student apartment plan

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Cascais is to build 430 apartments for students at accessible rents starting at €300.

It is the first stage of a development plan that will provide 1,608 new apartments for students studying at academic institutions such as the business and economics school Nova SBE.
Of these, 1,178 will be private and 430 will be public and managed by Cascais Council with rents ranging from €300 to €450.
Accommodation price increases have not been restricted to just Lisbon and Porto and this has been fuelled by a lack of student accommodation.
Cascais has felt the effects of the property market boom and has been putting a €150 million plan on the ground to alleviate the pressure.
Part of that amount will be used to build university residences with 430 rooms managed by the council that will be available from the next academic year.
“We are developing a bolder municipal housing plan” says the Council in an interview with online newswire ECO, drawing attention to the “huge pressure” that Lisbon and Porto have been feeling, mostly from tourism.
Part of this plan is focused on students, with the aim of “attracting more university departments to the area following the arrival of the Nova School of Business and Economics to Carcavelos in 2017”.
In a similar move linked to education, the Aga Khan Development Network has made considerable investments in nearby Oeiras after buying 49 hectares of land next to Tagus Park to create a campus for its Aga Khan Academy which will cater for pupils from five to 17 years of age in an €80 million investment.