OutSystems unveils new programming simplification tools

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The Portuguese unicorn OutSystems presented new software which will simplify programming at an event in Amsterdam.

It has trumpeted its programming tools innovation as one that will democratise programming and open up what had been a complicated world reserved for tekkies to everyone who would now have the “opportunity of being involved in the digital revolution taking place under our own eyes” says Gonçalo Gaiolas, vice-president of the Portuguese unicorn which has already been valued at US$1Bn and is a world leader on ‘low code’ (a simpler programming code which enables greater speed of processes using less resources to make mobile apps, web portals and even critical systems).
OutSystems has already welcomed various partners from the United Kingdom and Portugal at its annual event NextSteps in Amsterdam where around 3,000 people shared experiences and saw the new tools that will enable anyone to create apps and solutions for the digital age.
The innovations have been well received by small companies to giants like EDP, Jerónimo Martins Santander, KPMG and NOS while OutSystems has gained new clients like the German telecoms giant T-Mobile which is training 200 staff in the technology offered by the Portuguese unicorn as well as the Swedish multinational Ericsson.
One other example is the Green Lemon company, a London based company for which OutSystems has provided solutions for insurance, logistics, health, construction and banking.
“They tell us that it will help us to be more efficient and agile and we will be able to see the results in just a few days and we will go from having 30 staff to 100 in the space of a year thanks to OutSystems,” says the CEO of Green Lemon, Matt Thompson who adds that the company has two Portuguese programmers working for the company.