Pedro Leitão of Atlântico Europa tipped as new Montepio CEO

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Pedro Leitão, the Chief Digital Officer of Banco Atlântico Europa is the man tipped to be the executive president of Banco Montepio.

According to ECO Online Leitão’s name has been suggested to the Bank of Portugal which will have to register the name and carry out professional due diligence checks.
Contacts between various parties have been stepped up in recent weeks to break the impasse in the bank’s leadership.
After various meetings with the Bank of Portugal were postponed because a consensus could not be reached between the Mutual Association bank and the chairman of the bank, the likelihood is that Pedro Leitão will be the chosen candidate.
Officially, neither party will comment, but the choice has to be accepted by the outgoing President of Montepio, Tomás Correia who owns the bank and Carlos Tavares, (Chairman of Montepio) as required by the Bank of Portugal.
The appointment, if the name is accepted, would close an opaque chapter of who should lead the bank and to a process that has dragged on for around a year and a half since the departure of the former administrator Félix Morgado.
At Banco Atlântico Europa, where he has been since 2016, Pedro Leitão heads digital transformation for the bank which has Angolan capital, also heading marketing, technology and private banking.
Before this, he was a director of Banco Millennium Atlântico (formerly Banco Privado Atlântico), in Angola between 2011 and 2014 where he was Chief Operations & Marketing Officer, responsible for the implementation of its retail network and was also a partner at Deloitte for almost a decade between 2001 and 2011.