New Portuguese proptech launches in Évora

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A new property platform has been launched in the Alentejo city of Évora.

Achei o Lar was created in March 2018 and launched in October 2019 and is based at NERE – a companies hub in Évora.
The project came about after the founder, Brazilian Marcos Klein, applied for the Portuguese government startup programme from the Portuguese Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation IAPMEI – StartUP Visa PORTUGAL.
Marcos Klein, who has a degree in company management and a MA in entrepreneurialism, already had six years of experience in the financial sector apart from logistics, marketing, sales and costumer care.
The idea for Achei o Lar (I’ve Found my Home), according to online daily Diario Imobiliário came about because of the founder’s own long search for a new home.
He looked through various newspapers, visited scores of internet sites and other outlets and asked himself the question: “Why am I putting myself through all this? I just want a place to live!”
Marcos then decided to create a platform that could help young growing families find a larger place or a young person leaving home find their first independent home or had to move because of their jobs.
The proptech entrepreneur explains that Achei o Lar is an innovative business model with advantages for users interested in buying and/or renting properties and for estate agents, offering them ‘matches’ between demand for property and the existing supply in the market.
Klein says that Achei o Lar is a support took which aims to increase the speed of communication with potential clients looking for homes, protecting their real estate portfolio while opening up new opportunities in line with current demand.
For the user, the platform will minimise the time taken in researching properties on the Internet, making the experience exclusive and bespoke.
“Achei o Lar will give a better experience for house hunters on the internet, making each request personalised, individual and exclusive,” concluded Marcos Klein.