OutSystems Forge hits historic 1 million downloads

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The Portuguese unicorn OutSystems, a world leader in low-code platform technology to develop applications rapidly, has hit the 1 million mark in terms of downloads of components needed to develop applications.

One of the main hubs for programmers in OutSystems, Forge enables people with less experience, such as ‘veterans’, to rapidly access more than 2,500 components, enabling them to up their productivity when creating applications.
Forge is a free storage of applications, widgets, themes, models and reusable connectors that support machine-learning, IoT, CRM, storage, payments and other. The interest in reusable components increased in 2018 and 2019. Some of the most popular components include UI widgets, native mobile plugins, SaaS connectors, services for development productivity and various UI templates.
To avoid the repetition of monotonous work, OutSystems active and involved community which has around 275,000 programmers, can submit reusable components on Forge to be reused by other programers. The components can be awarded a certificate of confidence ensuring their quality and performance to Forge members. Many of those working on Forge are also part of the MVP OutSystems programme, a group of specialists who dedicate time to help the community in general.
“I have been creating Forge components because low-code should be based on reusable things and all the components which I publish on Forge cut hours and hours of time and effort on various projects, including projects that I myself will do in the future,” says Leonardo Fernandes, MVP at OutSystems in Australia.