OnStrategy publishes most relevant brands in Portugal during lockdown

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The consultancy OnStrategy has published a ranking table of brands which were the most import to the Portuguese during the lockdown State of Emergency between March and May this year.

While Google and Zoom not surprisingly topped the league table with 83.3 and 69.6 points out of 100 respectively given the amount of online shopping and zoom conferences, webinars and remote working sessions that took place for the period, banks such as Santander 64.0 points and the government’s post office bank CTT also did well in the financial sector with the latter seeing its index share grow by +3.7 points.
When it came to payments, social distancing meant that Multibanco soared with 75.6 points and MB Way enjoyed an increase of +3.5 points.
In terms of insurance, Fidelidade got the lion’s share with 63.5 points while Occidental sae greatest growth in the index with +7.8 points.
Consumer credit lender Cetelem led the way with 54.9 points while Credibom saw greatest growth with +10.9 points.
As for energy, Galp took the top place with 74.4 points and EDP Renovaveis had greatest growth in the index at +12.5 points.
For radio entertainments and multimedia Radio Comercial scooped 74.5 points with the greatest growth from SIC TV channel at +6.8 points.
In Telecoms Vodafone swept 72.9 points and MEO grew by +4.8 points.
In other areas the index ran as follows in Portugal. Supermarket Continente (78.3) and Lidl (+2.1); Foodstuffs and drinks: Nestlé (81.4) and Superbock (+5.3).
Home and Personal Hygiene: LÓreal (77.8) and Colgate (+0.6). Pharmaceuticals: Bayer (68.5) and Pfizer (+3.2).
Health and Wellness: private hospital group CUF (72.7) and Hospital Lusiadas (+5.8).
Travel and Leisure: Pestana (70.7) and Pousadas de Portugal (4.2); Airlines: Emirates (70.7) and Emirates (+0.5).
Mobility: Via Verde (72.5) and Carris (+0.9). Cars: Mercedes (76.8) and Peugeot (+5.5). Industrial products: Vista Alegre (76.4) and Revigres (+1.2); Professional Services: ACP (73.8) and CTT (+0.1).
When it comes to gaming Santa Casa led the way (76.1) and growth Santa Casa (+6.1). As for toys, Lego saw 81.6 and growth from Playstation was +1.8.