Covid boosts digitalisation says AIP

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Portugal’s industrial association AIP says that at least one good thing has come out of the otherwise devastating Coronavirus pandemic — a digital leap forward.

The opinion was made at Portugal Exportador (Portugal Exporter) an annual event which for the last 15 years has helped and focused on Portuguese companies that aim to export and internationalise.
It is a vision that is supported by Jorge Rocha de Matos, president of the AIP Foundation which has been part of the event since its creation reports Jornal Económico.
In the opening session of the Portugal Exportador event, Jorge Rocha de Matos maintained that, “The pandemic has propelled the digital leap forward in a short period of time” and that the learning taken from the challenges imposed by the pandemic that continues affecting Portugal “will be useful in the post-Covid economy”.
“Portugal Exportador has been the great barometer of the internationalisation of the Portuguese economy and companies,” maintained the president of the AIP Foundation at the event that takes place entirely in digital format this year.
Last year, Portuguese exports reached 44% of Portuguese GDP, and this figure shows the “remarkable effort and capacity of Portuguese companies,” but it is also important to “recognise and applaud certain Government incentives” that were launched over the years.
For the future, Jorge Rocha de Matos points out the importance of “strengthening the value chain” and “expanding the export base of the economy,” which have already demonstrated their value over the past 15 years.
In spite of all the constraints created by the pandemic, the president of the AIP Foundation declared that the next step is “to prepare the economy for the post-Covid cycle,” which is “the great challenge” currently facing Portuguese companies that want to internationalise.