Store tests CTT new Dutch electric postal vehicles

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The Portuguese postal service company CTT is piloting a ecological bicycle project using bikes from the Dutch brand Urban Arrow.

Distributed by The Fietsen Shop, the idea of the project, which is undergoing tests, is to evaluate their potential to be integrated into the distribution operational models of the postal service says CTT.
“Understanding the adaptability of these vehicles at the service of the CTT will enable the postal service to work out the best options for the next steps,” says Miguel Salema Garção, Head of Communication and Sustainability and quoted in a communiqué.
“The aim of these tests is to boost CTT’s ecological fleet and to reinforce its commitment to be ever more involved in sustainability,” he adds.
Currently, the company’s fleet of electric bicycles has 136 units actively in operation in distributing smaller parcels, letters and cards.
The post office boasts that it has “the largest ecological fleet in the country in the logistics sector with a total of 315 electric vehicles.”
In the middle of the pandemic CTT launched its “Green Deliveries” service for company clients, ensuring all deliveries made in contracted delivery points are delivered using electric vehicles.
The Portuguese-Netherlands Chamber of Commerce said, “Our member The Fietsen Shop has started its partnership with CTT-Correios de Portugal and Urban Arrow.
“In order to reinforce the ecological fleet reaffirming the commitment to be increasingly involved in sustainability, CTT in partnership with the company The Fietsen Shop, are carrying out tests with an ecological vehicle, an Urban Arrow bicycle, of the Cargo type Bike.”
“It is with great satisfaction and happiness that I announce our partnership with Urban Arrow and CTT – Correios de Portugal.
“After two years of opening the store, and after many ups and downs, achieving one of The Fietsen Shop’s biggest goals in such a short space of time is something that gives me a lot of strength to continue showing people the unimaginable possibilities of bikes and the solutions they bring,” said Nuno Prata of the Fietsen Shop.
And continued, “This is an Urban Arrow cargo model, retailed by The Fietsen Shop, for companies in the distribution sector, so that deliveries and pickups within urban centres become faster and more environmentally friendly. The Fietsen Shop worked together with Urban Arrow to provide a test model to CTT so that they could experiment with the distribution possibilities in Portugal. A small step has already been taken so that deliveries in cities will be by bicycle.”