Embassy in ‘Do you still love the UK?’ survey

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The British Embassy in Lisbon is launching a study on the opinions of the Portuguese about the United Kingdom.

On the UK embassy page UKandPortugal.pt the embassy states, “We would really like to know your opinions through this survey. We carried out prior analysis and we know that on average our survey will not take more than eight minutes to complete.”
Questions include “The relationship between Portugal and the United Kingdom is special, different from those we have with any other country” and “What is the general opinion you have of the United Kingdom?” to “How would you classify the United Kingdom as a destination for a young person to go and study?” or “How would you classify the United Kingdom as a place to work”.
The information will be completely anonymous and will be used completely for statistical use
And although the survey is online, opinions have already begun to flood in on social networks. One person expressed the opinion that “British people tend to suffer from a complex of superiority towards foreigners as well as a sense of entitlement about their own rights and freedoms.”
“I worked with some and they used to look down on others. I did not have a particularly good impression as a people. The country in itself lost character due to multiculturalism and I think many native citizens dislike the fact which is understandable. I don’t agree on the politics but they still manage to keep the country’s economy strong and ensure a good living for people in general. All said, there are Brits and Brits, good and bad everywhere.”
Another said, “I love it (the UK). I used to live there and was very happy. I’d like to end my days there.”
Ironically, an English contributor said, “Rubbish country led by an awful prime minister. Soon to be third world.”
The Portuguese, overall seemed to show a certain fondness and sadness at the UK leaving the European Union. “It’s a real shame that the UK has left the EU, but others thought the country showed arrogance. “The EU needs to have friends, not those who want to separate out of arrogance.”
Another seeming English-Portuguese citizen added, “I have a very low opinion at the moment, but even if there is a deal, the whole Brexit idea reflects poorly on Britain.”
For some Portuguese living in the UK, there was a sense of hoping that things would turn out for the best with one saying: “I organised my life there and don’t intend to return and I just wish that it all goes ok.”
Another added, “I love the UK, and I think that they should fight for their rights so that it is once again a county of diversity and culture. I wish them the very best.”
And interestingly enough, many Portuguese seemed concerned about the state of the UK’ national health service (NHS) and its “deplorable state” after it had been “the best in the world”.
Britain’s handling of the Covid crisis also featured high in Portuguese minds with some saying it had been handled badly. “The Portuguese National Health Service is excellent and when they come back to Portugal rush to make appointments and do tests.”
Other comments included: “A great country, and like with all countries has good and bad people. Portugal and the United Kingdom should continue their friendship and a big congratulations for those Portuguese that have made an effort to speak English and English who have learnt Portuguese” and “I lived in the United Kingdom for six years and was treated as though I was English”.

The survey can be found on Facebook by typing in: https://ukandportugal.pt