António Mexia most talked about figure in the press in 2020 in Portugal

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António Mexia, the CEO of the energy giant EDP was the most talked about public figure in the Portuguese press in 2020.

According to the report ‘CEO Media Report Portugal 2020’ from the company media intelligence CARMA, Mexia was not always in the press for the best of reasons and came in second to last when it comes to having a good reputation.
And despite his visibility, the EDP CEO was also the company chief executive that came down near the bottom in terms of favourability, also occupying the second to last place out of 10 because of the story of excessive rental charges which led to his suspension as CEO at the company.
The report analysed news about company bosses that most hit the headlines in Portugal over the year.
Alexandre Fonseca, chairman of Altice Portugal was top of the favourability stakes in the study, mainly over his key role during the pandemic in the telecoms sector.
On the naughty step with the worst reputation was the ex-president of TAP, Antonoaldo Neves.
To develop the report, the company took into account the news that featured in the national press and online for the first three quarters of the year and studied the reputation vectors most present in the media of each CEO and the way in which each one was seen in the eyes of stakeholders.
Antonoaldo Neves, ex-President of TAP was the second CEO with the most visibility and came in last in the favourably stakes because of the impact of the pandemic on the company which forced the State to inject capital into the company.
In this ranking, the CEO with the best reputation is Alexandre Fonseca of Altice, followed by Ramiro Sequeira, the current President of TAP.
“In a period that undermined confidence, pressure intensified on CEOs to show leadership and security to shareholders, staff and clients,” says the report.
“This report identified how the CEOs of the most important brands and companies in Portugal performed and stood out in a year marked by extreme challenges and difficulties, at the same time it shows how a thorough and methodical study of the media provides a strategic advantage for organisations that operate during uncertain times,” says Luís Garcia, Managing Director of CARMA in Portugal, quoted in a communiqué.
Miguel Stilwell de Andrade, new CEO of EDP was less visible but managed to achieve a more positive image in the media than his predecessor.
Pedro Soares dos Santos, CEO of Pingo Doce was the CEO who appeared the least in the Portuguese press but came in third in the favourability stakes.
In the list of CEOs most in the media in 2020 were names like João Bento, CEO of CTT, CP president, Nuno Freitas, Carlos Gomes da Silva of Galp and Miguel Almeida of NOS.