Nhood with €500 million Portugal investment

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A new international real estate company, Nhood, part of the AFM group and Ceetrus, has €500 million to invest in the Portuguese property market.

Nhood is a new company that specialises in creating, revitalising and transforming mixed-use property assets, neighbourhoods and cities for a new urban and lifestyle vision.
Its plan is to invest around €1,000 million globally (€Bn) in nine countries to 2023 and Portugal is on the development list, with mixed projects (retail, housing and offices) to an investment value of €500 million in the pipeline by 2025, including 1,700 new homes.
“At Nhood, we are the men and women, the areas of expertise and the experience of the Ceetrus and Nodi companies, recognised for years as key real estate and retail players.
We’re an agile team of 1,029 specialists who rely on each of their areas of expertise to design and carry out projects down to the slightest details.
Operating in 10 countries, we offer our clients a global approach that takes account of local specificities” says the company on its site.
This new services company is part of the AFM company (Association Familiale Mulliez, a holding company for the shareholdings belonging to the Mulliez family in Northern France, one of the richest families in France.
AFM was founded by Gárard Mulliez and has been headed by Barthélemy Guislain since 2014 with its Catholic family motto “Tous dans tout”, meaning “all (family members) in all” (businesses). The family also exerts control via shareholdings in famous brands such as Alinéa (furniture), Auchan (Hypermarkets), Decathlon (sportswear) Leroy Merlin (home DIY and garden centres) and Odyssey, an international network of French private schools.
AFM has a global holding company Ceetrus to hold its property assets and which will also control Nhood.
Nhood will focus on the real estate sector and invest in companies, brands, public-private partnerships in the property sector and creating value for these assets by organising, cor-creating and transforming spaces into resilient and ecologically and financially sustainable projects.
Séverine Boutel Bodard will be the new CEO of Nhood Portugal and when presenting the company said,”We will market, manage, develop and inject life into mixed-use real estate spaces for different owners and fast-track the transformation of these assets through a triple positive impact: for the planet, people and profits” in a 15-minute city concept.