Nestlé and Zoom win out in brand preferences

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The consultancy OnStrategy has published the results of its Relevance Emotional Reputation Index for the brands in Portugal that the Portuguese most recognise and have a preference for based on information compiled over the past 12 months of 2020 as part of its annual study RepScore™, covering the pre-pandemic and pandemic periods.

The study carried out throughout the year and in line with norms ISO20671 (strategy and strength evaluation) and ISO10668 (financial evaluation), evaluating the attributes attributed and associated to visibility, admiration, relevance, confidence, preference and recommendation.
In a scale of 100 points, this study highlights two brands: NESTLÉ as the brand with the best reputation and emotional relationship with the public with 84.7 points and ZOOM as the brand that saw the biggest growth in this index in comparison to the pre-pandemic period with 76.8 points (+16.4 points).
Per sector, 40 industries were selected, and the brands that registered the best reputation index and emotional relationship and the greatest growth in this index are:

PSI 20: EDP best index (74.3pts) and EDP RENOVÁVEIS best growth (+9.6pts).

Banks: SANTANDER best index (64.1pts) and BANCO CTT best growth (+5.2pts).

Payment Systems: MULTIBANCO best index (78.0pts) and MB WAY with best growth (+3.6pts).

Insurance: FIDELIDADE best index (66.0pts) and MULTICARE best growth (+7.2pts).

Consumer credit: COFIDIS best index (54.9pts) and COFIDIS best growth (+8.0pts).

Energy: EDP best index (74.3pts) and ENDESA best growth (+13.1pts)

Technology: GOOGLE best index (83.2pts) and ZOOM with best growth (+16.4pts).

Multimedia: YOUTUBE with best index (80.6pts) and SIC with best growth (+9.4pts).

Telecoms: MEO with best index (75.1pts) and MEO with best growth (+9.8pts).

Food Retail: CONTINENTE with best index (81.6pts) and LIDL with best growth (+5.0pts).

Retail Technology: WORTEN with best index (79.3pts) and WORTEN with best growth (+3.6pts).

Home furnishings: IKEA with best index (80.3pts) and IKEA with best growth (+2.8pts).

Home DIY and Garden Centres: LEROY MERLIN best index (77.3pts) and STAPLES with best growth index (+4.2pts).

Sport Retail: SPORT ZONE with best index (74.1pts) and DECATHLON with best growth (+2.9pts).

Health and Wellbeing Retail: WELLS with best index (72.8pts) and WELLS with best growth (+2.6pts).

Textile Retail: ZARA with best index (72.7pts) SACOOR best growth (+1.3pts).

Restaurants: MC DONALDS best index (76.1pts) and A PADARIA PORTUGUESA best growth (+2.3pts).

Other retail: BERTRAND best index (68.2pts) and 5ASEC best growth (+4.4pts).

Food, drinks and beverages: NESTLE (84.7pts) and SUPERBOCK (+5.3pts).

Pet Food: ROYAL CANIN (71.4pts) and PROPLAN (+1.9pts).

Toiletries and cleaning products: L’OREAL (80.7pts) and UNILEVER (+3.8pts).

Pharma: PFIZER (73.8pts) and PFIZER (+8.7pts).

Health and Wellness: FUNDAÇÃO CHAMPALIMAUD (80.2pts) and HOSPITAL LUSIADAS (+7.0pts).

Travel and Leisure: PESTANA (75.6pts) and POUSADAS DE PORTUGAL (+2.2pts).

Airlines: EMIRATES (73.8pts) and EMIRATES (+3.6pts).

Mobility: VIA VERDE (76.5pts) and CONTROLAUTO (+3.6pts).

Cars: MERCEDES (74.3pts) and MINI (+8.1pts).

Manufactured products: VISTA ALEGRE (80.3pts) and CORTICEIRA AMORIM (+4.0pts).

Construction and Engineering: CIMPOR (53.7pts) and CIMPOR (+7.2pts).

Professional Services: ACP (74.7pts) and CTT (+1.1pts).

Real Estate: REMAX (74.6pts) and AIRBNB (+3.1pts).

Gaming: SANTA CASA (74.7pts) and SANTA CASA (+4.7pts).

Games and Entertainment: LEGO with (83.5pts) and LEGO with (+2.2pts).

Sport: NATIONAL SQUAD (79.7pts) PUMA (+1.8pts).

Luxury: ROLEX (79.0pts) and OMEGA (+1.7pts).

Audit and Consultancy firms (business target): DELOITTE (79.3pts) and ACCENTURE with (+1.9pts).

Legal services (business target): VDA, VIEIRA DE ALMEIDA (78.0pts) and MORAIS LEITÃO, GALVÃO TELES, SOARES DA SILVA E ASSOCIADOS (+2.9pts).

Celebrities and personalities: CRISTIANO RONALDO (82.7pts) and MIGUEL OLIVEIRA (+8.4pts).

Pedro Tavares, Partner and CEO of OnStrategy said, “on studying the results of this index in line with norms ISO20671 and ISO10668 which consolidates attributes such as admiration, relevance, confidence, preference and recommendation of brands with members of the public in Portugal we see that 2020 put brand relevance to the test and shows how they have been able to adapt to the new reality that is Covid and how they relate to their target public. In this sense, the stronger brands were able to draw on their foundations and were more resilient, managing to make significant gains for brands of excellence (more than 80 points) having increased year-on-year (17 2020 and 7 in 2019); history shows that at times of big crises the stronger brands are the ones that win out”.
Tavares also said, “Against the backdrop of the pandemic times in which we are living, it is hardly surprising that the sectors that did well, particularly in their response to the public health emergency were Health and Well Being, Food Retail, Technology, Energy and Banks”.
Pedro Tavares concludes that “apart from the most relevant sectors and brands that did the best were NESTLÉ and ZOOM in terms of relevance and LIDL and AMAZON which also saw significant gains”.