Moving to the Algarve and tax – what you need to know

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Have you ever thought about operating a business in a place that enjoys over 3000 hours of sunshine each year? What about making a deal on the green of any one of the 40 award-winning golf courses? Entertaining clients over delicious Portuguese wine and cuisine?

Perhaps now is the time. Portugal at large is an attractive country for ex-pats looking for a new lease on life, in fact, it ranked 19th on the most recent Economist Intelligence Unit Quality of Life Index, ahead of other economically and technologically advanced countries like France, Germany, and the U.K. Suffice it to say that for your family and business life-balance, there is no better place to consider whether you are an executive, a digital nomad, a family looking for a new home, a retiring couple, or a globetrotter looking to establish roots.

The Ireland Portugal Business Network (IPBN) can facilitate valuable introductions through our growing network of like-minded business leaders and innovators who have chosen to call the Algarve home.
Home is where the heart is, they say. As we have learned recently during the various lockdowns across the globe, it’s also the place where we find other kinds of comforts like a place to monitor our health, structure our workday, and find areas within it where we can escape it. Many are finding out the hard way that where they call home isn’t actually the ideal place for them after all. That’s why a move to places with access to natural beauty and quality of life are becoming a high priority for many. As such, the Algarve isn’t just considered a vacation destination anymore, it’s home.
Making the transition to the Algarve will take a lot of planning and dedication, especially if you work alone, but rest assured once the last piece of the puzzle falls into place, you’ll feel it was all worth the effort. The IPBN is here to help facilitate your move with top-notch contacts, sound recommendations, and proven steps to make your arrival that much more rewarding.
The third webinar in the Algarve Living Series will take place on Thursday February 25 at 4pm, moderated by Sharon Farrell, the Chair of the IPBN Algarve Committee. The webinar will lead you through the financial boxes you should check before you make the move, and what tax incentives the Portuguese Government is offering once on the ground. This very helpful chat with industry professionals can help you plan for your future place of business, retirement, or otherwise. 
The keynote speakers & experts are:
Gavin Scott, Senior Partner at Blevins Franks , the leading international tax and wealth management advisers 
Justin Ryan, Property Lawyer at AllisLaw , a law firm that represents buyers, sellers, property developers and lenders in the Portuguese property market. 
Isabel Duarte, Senior Accountant. Isabel has over 18 years’ experience as a financial and tax accountant.
There will be time for Q&A from the audience via Chat.
IMPORTANT: If you have already registered for the first or second webinar (on Jan. 28 and Feb. 11), you don’t need to register again. Please register here only if you have not yet done so for the series. Register now!

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