NOS 5G fund in investment opportunities

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NOS, a Portuguese telecoms company headed by Miguel Almeida has a fund with around €10 million to invest in small companies that have 5G projects.

The opportunities that have been identified are in the areas of virtual reality, cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT) which have applications in the areas of industry, retail and health.
Part of Portugal’s companies network has for some times been exploring possibilities to take advantage of the fifth generation of the mobile network (5G) and explore its application for economic activities before the new 5G network is available.
So, to concentrate the interest of companies in 5G, NOS set up the first Portuguese investment fund dedicated to the new technology, with €10 million dedicated exclusively to the new technology.
The NOS 5G Fund has already identified more than 100 investment opportunities according to an official source at the company who spoke to Jornal Económico (JE).
The NOS 5G fund was created in 2019, but in 2020 the capital passed to the management of VC company Armilar Venture Partners.
The official source said that over 100 potential investment opportunities have been identified by the NOS 5G Fund, although only a fraction will be selected for further analysis. It will only be after these opportunities have been filtered that NOS will move forward with concrete investment of the best projects.
“We have some very interesting opportunities and hope to announce some investments shortly” said an official source at NOS.