Football business GDP contribution plummets

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Portugal’s football industry generated €750 million or €494 million towards Portugal’s GDP for the 2019/20 season.

It was a reduction of €55 million on the previous season according to figures released on Thursday in the 4th edition of the Anuário do Futebol (Football Annual Report) produced by the Club League and consultants EY.
“The Liga Portugal (Portugal League) and Sports Companies had a €750 million business turnover, which meant a GDP contribution of around €494 million (0,26%) in 2019-2020,” states the report, adding that this amount “does not include the indirect and induced impacts of professional football on the national economy.”
With a total business turnover of €750 million for the 2019/2020 season (Liga Nos and Liga Pro), bringing in around €142 million for the state in taxes, which according to the report, reflects the economic situation of the country, therefore showing a fall in these contributions in relation to the previous season of €150 million.
It was an amount that was essentially carried by Liga Nos which contributed with around €128 million, the equivalent to 89% of the total estimated tax impact.
The report done by EY explains the fall on the reduction of receipts at ticket offices since March last year. There has been no football going public at matches, and a lack of income associated to Portuguese teams participating in European competitions has had an impact on the business turnover to the tune of €7 and €66 million respectively.