Mota-Engil nets €165 million Peru contract

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The Portuguese construction giant Mota-Engil has won a €165 million contract in Peru for a building contract in Porto de Callao.

“The contract was awarded to its subsidiary company in Peru by DPWorld, an important international logistics company operating in Peru” states a communiqué from the construction company led by Gonçalo Moura Martins.
The project involves the construction of Phase 2 of Porto de Callo (Lima) in Peru with work set to start immediately with a duration of two years and nine months (33 months).
With this award, the Portuguese/part Chinese construction company has “significantly strengthened its orders portfolio with important international clients and has recovered the group’s business turnover in a region of the world which has been acutely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.”
This year, when Mota-Engil released its annual results with recorded losses of €20 million, the company highlighted Latin America as the region of the world in which its operations had most suffered because of the pandemic.
At the time, the company highlighted a reduction in orders in Peru, Mexico and Brazil “because of the struct lockdown measures and stoppages.”
This contract joins others that Mota-Engil has in Peru. In November 2020, Mota-Engil announced that it had closed three deals worth €125 million in the country with an “important private mining company”.
The project involved the construction of a dam and water management system. It also is involved in a study for the construction of a hospital.
Mota-Engil sold a 23% share of the company to the Chinese construction giant China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) for €169.4 million in 2020.