50% of Portuguese will holiday home

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Almost half of the Portuguese will spend their holidays in Portugal spending an average of €1,339.

This is according to a survey undertaken by Europe Assistance and Ipsos “20th Annual Summer Holidays Barometer”.
The survey concluded that around 62% of the Portuguese have plans to travel during the summer months and 46% have chosen Portugal as the destination of choice to holiday.
According to the same study, those who are planning to go abroad, Spain is favoured by 18%, followed by France (9%), Italy (5%), but only 26% of the Portuguese have booked their holidays or part of them, a trend which is in line with the majority of countries in the study.
At the same time, the study revealed “Portugal is the preferred holiday destination for the Spanish”.
“Sanitation levels on public transport (56%) and access to information related to Covid-19 at chosen holiday destinations (47%), as well as a negative test before travel (46%) are some of the conditions most highly prized by the Portuguese when deciding where they should spend their summer holidays”.
According to the results of the barometer, after the several lockdown months, and despite being close to the seaside normally being a high priority for European holidaymakers (58%), those travellers quizzed showed an increasing presence for holidaying off the beaten track in isolated places surrounded by nature, away from cities, in places where they can spend time with families and close friends.
The study also showed that the family holiday budget fell 21% on 2019 to €1,556 with the holiday budgets of the Portuguese being the only budget that remained the same on 2019 at €1,339.