Portugal 5th safest country in the world

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Portugal comes in fourth place in this year’s Global Peace Index behind only Iceland, New Zealand and Denmark.

This position highlights the difference when it occupied 18th place in the league table in 2014 as it has raced up the ranking tables in recent years.
Iceland has occupied the top slot since 2008, while Slovenia also makes it to the top 5. In total, Europe has eight countries in the top 10 worldwide.
The Portuguese minister for Internal Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, states in a communiqué “The fact that Portugal is considered one of the most secure countries in the world is an asset and tribute to the quality of life of the Portuguese,” and is a “competitive advantage compared to other countries, contributing to investment and tourist attraction”.
The ranking is part of a report from the Institute for Economics & Peace, in which it comes in 4th place from among 163 States and independent territories.
At the extreme opposite end of the spectrum comes Afghanistan as the most dangerous country in the world for the forth year running, followed by Yemen, Syria, South Sudan and Iraq. All, with the exception of Yemen, these are also the most war-ridden and least peaceful countries in the world since 2015.