Ex-AICEP president to address ICPT

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The former president of Portugal’s overseas trade and foreign direct investment agency AICEP, Pedro Reis, is to address the challenges faced by Portgual’s economy at a lunch organised by the International Club of Portugal on next month.

Reis is running for the position of president of the Economists Association where he believes he can “help to raise the bar for the profession and its role in Portugal”.
The current president of the association is Rui Leão Martinho with elections for a new president t take place at the end of this year after the present incumbent saying he will not put himself up for reelection.
According to a note from August, the current president believes that the economist “has all the right experience and attributes” given his vast experience and his capacity to build and mobilise teams.
Pedro Reis, quoted in a communiqué, said he would accept the challenge of the mission with honour to “help bring prestige and value to the profession and strengthen the dynamic of the association at a “particularly challenging time for the Portuguese economy”.
Pedro Reis is also the Head of Institutional Banking at Millennium bcp which he has been exercising since January 2020. He was also Head of Corporate Business Development at the bank between 2017 and January 2020.