Portuguese AI company changes name

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The Portuguese company which sells and develops artificial intelligence (AI)|, DefinedCrowd has decided to change its name seven years after it was founded by entrepreneur Daniela Braga.

Now, the company has slightly changed its name from DefinedCrowd to Defined.ai in a rebranding to make its products and services more “homogenous” and remove any focus of confusion that clients may have about what this company actually does: sell and develop artificial intelligence (AI).
A week after the name change, Daniela Braga was at Web Summit in Lisbon and explained that the change to Defined.ai came about in answer to the company’s growth and the increase in demand for high-quality AI resources.
In other words, the new name and logo reflect its desire to become the largest world supplier of AI data models and tools.
The CEO of the now Defined.ai said that the recently created marketplace offers professionals the possibility of selling turnkey AI assets or take advantage of a signature data model to ensure a constant flow of information on computational discourse, text or vision among other things.
“We started having two products almost at the same time, the one that led us to found the company — tools for data building — and actual ready-to-use data for clients who purchase and accelerate journey to AI. The point where we were at in the supply chain was a bit confusing. So, we created everything under one umbrella, a marketplace with a seal of quality and ethical principles that clarify and uniformise the offer,” explained the founder of the newly renamed Defined.ai, Sonia Braga.