Lisbon falls 15 places in relocation ranking

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Before the pandemic Lisbon was the hippest, trendiest city for expatriates and digital nomads to relocate.

But according to InterNations, it has plunged 15 places in its ranking in one year to 18th place. So what’s changed?
Despite highlighting its lifestyle quality and competitive cost of living, the Portuguese capital fell to the bottom of the league when it comes to professional life with almost a third of expats fed up with the working hours.
In Expat City Ranking 2021, Lisbon is in 18th place, out of 57 cities worldwide that were analysed. The city came in at 7th place when it comes to Feeling at Home (80%).
Lisbon also did well in Quality of City Life (12th place), with overseas citizens feeling particularly at home with the climate and choice of leisure activities.
As to spending and cost of living, Lisbon came 10th in the table, but fell down to 28th position in terms of finances and housing.
But the worst for expats was professional life, with Lisbon featuring in the last 10 places at 50th after having been in 23rd position in 2020. People that moved to the capital were also unsatisfied with local career opportunities (49%) while 30% said they were unhappy with the working hours.

The Top 10 cities in 2021 were:
1. Kuala Lumpur
2. Malaga
3. Dubai
4. Sydney
5. Singapore
6. Ho Chi Minh City
7. Prague
8. Mexico City
9. Basle
10. Madrid