RE/MAX enjoys record results in 2021

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RE/MAX Portugal has enjoyed one of its best years ever despite the Covid-19 crisis.

This is according to Beatriz Rubio, CEO of RE/MAX Portugal who said that on the 25 November it achieved its best results in 21 years of its history in Portugal. In fact, the entrepreneur said that RE/MAX has never been so robust and strong as it has this year and never had such good results.
In an interview with Jornal de Negócios, Beatriz Rubio said that the estate agency had the largest number of estate agency shops ever, the highest number of estate agents working for it, and the highest turnover of property transactions, consolidating its position of leadership in the real estate market in Portugal.
Rubio admitted that 2021 had been a difficult year, with lots of uncertainties, advances and backtracks, yet the fighting spirit, determination and efforts of all those agents working for RE/MAX Portugal had exceeded limits and targets in a way never achieved before. The balance is therefore very positive, not just in terms of results, but also in the way the company and its teams have shown dedication, a pride in their work and their expertise of the staff who represent the band on a daily basis.
“We have enjoyed a clear demonstration of confidence from our clients in the brand, their satisfaction for the services that we provide, the security that we offer our professionals from other brands that seek us out on a daily basis”, Beatriz Rubio told the business daily.
Rubio said that the goals for RE/MAX Portugal next year would be to provide customer satisfaction and confidence, but admitted that it would not be easy to exceed the results in terms of growth the company has achieved this year.
“We seek to go even further, through our daily efforts, the transparency of our processes, and of course the certainty that all clients and partners can have in collaborating with the brand which is the best of the best”.
As for the main challenges for the construction and real estate sector next year, and the coming years in Portugal, Rubio said that a system which just had estate agents on the side of the seller leaves potential buyers without representation or support on what is probably their greatest financial asset. A buyer on its own does not have access to the market opportunities that just one real estate agent can have.
“We have around 10,000 agents nationally with the capacity to access market opportunities. They are professionals that deliver a professional service, supported by a network of almost 400 shops dedicated to supporting this mass of 10,000 estate agents”, she said.
RE/MAX Portugal is on course to end 2021 with transactions worth €4.6Bn after achieving 62,103 thousand transactions last year, 47,402 buy and sell transactions (76.3%) and involving 101 different nationalities with emphasis on nationals (83.3%), Brazilians, French and Angolans.
The number of professionals working for RE/MAX Portugal grew 18.5%, from 10,519 to 12,466 compared to 2019 with the North and centre regions enjoying the greatest growth.