Shilling with €22M for startups

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The Portuguese venture capital company Shilling has over €22 million to invest in startups.

The total amount that the Shilling Founders Fund holds, has gone from €30 million to €52 millions and the VC is planning to invest in new technology businesses according to an announcement by the company on Monday. All of the money came from private entities.
“More capital means more and greater investments, and more capacity to guide the best companies. This will help us to be more competitive nationally and internationally, in addition to attracting operations to Portugal”, says Shilling managing partner Pedro Santos Vieira (pictured).
Shilling Founders Fund began operations in April 2021 in the Portuguese market offering some specific practices such as profit sharing with all portfolio founders, and a link to international benchmark investors such as Atomico. At the time, the 10 founding partners put in €2 million; the rest came from domestic and International investors.
Health, mobility, finance, the future of work and blockchain (decentralised technology) have been some of the main investment areas. Some of the more recent investments include teaching platform Luca, superior electric skateboards Hunter Board, and the property platform Relive. Shilling, founded in 2011, is a leading €30M early-stage VC in Portugal. Shilling invests in a wide range of verticals and seeks out the biggest opportunities across all B2B and consumer categories. Leveraging the concept of Founder LPs, Shilling brings much more than capital and offers through its Shilling Platform, direct access to successful founders and executives of leading companies. This platform supports entrepreneurs in validating and developing their ventures, which then accelerate their growth into global markets.