ICPT extends cooperation with diplomatic corps

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Reluctant to be resigned to the difficulties felt at a social and diplomatic level because of the pandemic and now felt by the war in Ukraine, the International Club of Portugal (ICPT) has decided to set up an office whose aim is to broaden interpersonal and institutional relations between the current and future members of the association.

Coordinated by Carlos Leone, this contact unit will deepen the relations between the International Club with the diplomatic corps accredited in Lisbon, a policy that has been practised since its foundation, but by implication now calls for a greater care and attention.
Parallel to setting up this new office, with its aims of strengthening multilateral and multicultural relations that could and should be encouraged between new members from the diplomatic world, the act of this ICPT unit equally aims to allow its members access to an ever more diversified and universal platform.
With Portugal, naturally, on the axis of this operation, this new initiative from the International Club of Portugal will thereby foster a greater and more embracing support for its members and partners, while at the same time contributing towards more elevated, more solid and closer bilateral relations between foreign countries and Portugal, increasing the continued visibility of international topics in Portuguese public debate.

Photo: President of the ICPT, Manuel Ramalho (standing) at a recent luncheon with guest speaker economist Fernando Teixeira dos Santos (seated left) of the president). Image: Joaquim Morgado.