55,000 fortunes in Portugal

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There are over 55,000 fortunes worth over a million euros in Portugal.

This is according to data released by Henley & Partners in the first edition of its Henley Global Citizens Report which analysed the richest countries in the world in terms of the aggregated assets (properties, cash, shares and businesses) of individuals, excluding liabilities.
H&P concluded from its calculations that €55,400 people in Portugal had more than €902,000 (US$1 million). Only 1,930 people had a fortune worth between €10 million and €100 million. There were only 3 billionaires registered in Portugal by H&P.
Maria Fernanda Amorim, the widow of entrepreneur Américo Amorim, owns the largest fortune in Portugal worth around US$4.7Bn (€3.9Bn) last year, according to the latest edition of the multimillionaires list published by the magazine Forbes.
Portugal is far down the list of the countries with the greatest fortunes, but H&P emphasis that the financial climate has deteriorated all over the world because of the pandemic, uncertainties over climate change and geopolitical tensions.
“Regardless of where they are, the richest investors should prepare themselves and their families for whatever the future might bring, diversifying risk and creating opportunities in multiple jurisdictions.”