Klarna has 100 clients in Portugal

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The Swedish fintech Klarna has 100 client companies in Portugal which use its hire purchase application.

In an interview with Jornal Económico, Alexandre Ribeiro who manages the company’s operations in Portugal said that electronic devices such as smartphones are the means through which Portuguese users most use the application.
Referring to Klarna’s recent acquisition of PriceRunner, he also said that the application would also enable shoppers to receive notifications on lower prices and be able to compare the prices for the same items in different shops.
Klarna is said to be the most valuable fintech in Europe and has registered almost 1,000 daily downloads in Portugal and has around 100 companies that are using its payment by instalments solution (‘Buy now, pay later’) integrated into online retailer checkouts.
Clients include Portuguese groups such as Prozis and international companies operating in Portugal such as Adidas and Samsung who will offer the service “pay in three instalments” from this week.
“In recent weeks we are seeing a very positive traction in Portugal and other markets. At the moment we’ve got 149 million people throughout the world using Klarna for purchasing, payments and bank services, 30-40% of which are generation X”, says the Director of Klarna Portugal, Alexandre Ribeiro.
Klarna opened in Lisbon the week before Black Friday in November 2021, a key date for e-commerce all over the world.
“We launched in the Portuguese market the week before Black Friday and before Christmas which for a brand that has to invest in integrated technologies is not easy. The strategy was to launch the product by the end of the year, and make sure that the product was tested and worked in the first two months”, he said.
Five months on, Klarna now has a team of 15 people working in Portugal between engineers, marketeers, programmers, business developers and analysts addition to the international team that works for the international market.
Apart from the brands which are associated with Klarna through their marketplaces via the company’s mobile application, users can also buy online in any store whether the shop is a partner or not using its tool “Shop Anywhere”.