Galp’s domestic customers faced higher gas prices from 15 April.

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The Portuguese energy company will join the electricity company EDP which will also increase its domestic charges from 1 May.

From Friday, Galp applied higher monthly charges of up to €3 on natural gas and between €1 and €3 on electricity.
In a letter sent to customers on 14 March, the company stated that the “new charges reflected the increase in the cost of purchasing energy in line with the upward trend in prices on the international market”, indicating the new amounts, but not mentioning the variation in question.
Contacted by the news agency Lusa, an official source from Galp said “for the main natural gas price scales the monthly increases would be between €1.6 and €3, and for the main power contracts in the case of electricity, between €1 and €2”.
EDP Comercial also announced that it would increase the price of electricity for domestic clients by 3% from May, an adjustment in charges to the regulated market”, stated the company.
On 1 April, electricity and natural gas charges for households in the regulated market, which represents around 6% and 2.2% of total consumption respectively, increased 3%.