House prices in Aveiro, Braga and Viseu climb

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The Portuguese cities of Aveiro, Braga and Viseu are enjoying growing demand from house hunters which is driving up prices.

The three district capitals Aveiro (+3.3%), Braga (+4.3%) and Viseu (+4.1%) are seeing strong demand from buyers, followed by Beja (+3.4%(, Ponta Delgado (+3.3%) and Setúbal. (+2.7%)
Overall, house prices rose 7.3% to €2,360m2 in May month-on-month according to the Idealista price index.
Aveiro overtook Faro (+1.6%) and became the city with the third most expensive properties on average in Portugal. At the other end of the scale, Portalegre and Guarda were the cities which had the cheapest properties for sale.
Prices fell in Guarda (-10.2%), Évora (-4.2%), Coimbra (-3.5%), Castelo Branco (-1%), Lisbon (-0.7%) and Porto. (-0.3%)
Lisbon continues to be the most expensive city in which to buy property with an average of €5.011/m2, followed by Porto (€3,057m2) and Funchal. (32,308m2)
The most economic cities to buy property are Portalegre (€624/m2), Guarda (€723m2), Castelo Branco (€755/m2), Braganza (€803/m2), Santarém (€860/m2), Beja (€880/m2), Vila Real (€1,084/m2), Leiria (€1,198/m2) and Viseu. (€1,271/m2)
The greatest increases in prices were in Portalegre (+5.2%), São Miguel (+5.1%), Aveiro (+3.6%), Braga (+3.4%), Santarém(+2.7%), Viseu (+2.6%9, Porto Santo (+2.5%), Setúbal (+1.7%), Leiria (+1.6%), Viana do Castelo (+1.3%), Faro (+1.2%), Terceira (+1.2%), Faial (+1,1%), Lisbon (+0.8%), Beja (+0.8%), and Madeira. (+0.3%)
In terms of the most expensive districts, the ranking is led by Lisbon (€3,803/m2, Faro (€2,744/m2), and Porto. (€2,325/m2)