Galp ambitions to be green hydrogen leader

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Portugal’s petroleum and gas company Galp says it has ambitions to be a leader in green hydrogen by 2030.

The statement was made at the Electric Summit in Lisbon on 8 June by the company’s CEO, Andy Brown who said that the world’s shift away from traditional fossil fuels was a “great challenge” which Galp sees as an opportunity for the company to be part of the future”.
The CEO said that Galp is committed to be a “major player in a new sustainable economy”, with ambitions and initiatives in various areas already underway and includes moving from a ‘grey refinery’ operation in Sines to a ‘green energy park’, launching the first world-class biofuel project, and solar energy exploration and lithium refining projects.
Andy Brown was talking at the Portugal Energy Conference, an initiative organised by the newspaper Negócios, the magazine Sábado and CMTV on the future of energy,
The CEO outlined the transformation that the company is making in various areas in which Galp is involved and even a leader to do with the sustainable economy.
“On the transformation of Sines, we want to go from being a grey refinery to a green energy park which will require a series of measures.
“The first will be to launch the first biofuel project on a global scale within a year, ‘Project HVO’, which will supply renewable fuel. We aim to be a leader in green hydrogen”, he said.
The company has an electrolyser (technology that will enable hydrogen to be produced by breaking down the water molecule H2O into Oxygen and Hydrogen) with a 2 Megawatts capacity which is currently under construction.
This will be followed by the development of a 100 MW electrolyser. “The current largest one in the world has a 20 MW capacity, which makes this an electrolyser on a global scale”, he said.