Portuguese startup expands to Spain

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The Portuguese startup Networkme is to expand its business operations to Spain in September.

The €1 million investment expansion plan will enable it to cover the entire Iberian peninsula.
Networkme is an online platform that helps university graduates to find their first jobs, and boost their careers. The platform has some of the country’s biggest companies scouting talent, and aims to get 300,000 students registered on the platform by September 2023.
“The startup turns the whole process of professional search into an extremely rewarding adventure, connecting students and professionals who can provide insights”, according to one satisfied user.
The company will continue to be based in Portugal but will now begin recruitment in Spain.
Networkme CEO Felipe Vieira states in a communiqué the company’s reasons for expanding into Spain.
“Apart from being geographically close, many of our clients need to attract young talent from Spain where youth unemployment was strongly affected by the pandemic, so we have an opportunity to create an immensely positive impact”.
Networkme was launched in September 2021 and creates a network of direct contact between students, professionals, companies, and universities. The platform has over 50 partner companies such as Sonae, Lidl, NOS, BNP Paribas and 20,000 student subscribers.