Portugal US 4th July destination

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Portugal is the third most popular getaway destination for US holidaymakers this 4th July.

This is according to a study from the Spanish consultant Mabrian which found that 13.1% of flights researched online by US citizens were to Portugal. However, Portugal was overtaken by Mexico and Spain.
While Portugal appears in over 13 million searches, in front of Greece (with 11.7 million), Italy (with 10.3 million), and France (with 9.6 million). Mexico was in the lead with 36 million searches. Spain comes in second place as the most sought after European destination in the ranking with over 20 million searches.
Portugal was also attractive because of the average cost of its flight prices at €670 one-way, whereas Greece was the most expensive at €992 one way. The destinations with the most growth were Greece (22%), Italy (19%), Dominican Republic (7%) and Portugal (6%).