Adega Mayor turnover up 10%

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Portuguese wine producer Adega Mayor has seen its turnover increase 10% in 2021 to €5.6 million.

In an interview with Lusa, the wine producer’s CEO, Rita Nabeiro said that the company would invest €500,000 between in 2023.
Adega Mayor turned 15 on 15 June and Rita Nabeiro admitted that the last two years have been “particularly challenging” for the company which is part of the Nabeiro Group which owns Delta coffees.
“I would highlight the pandemic period because it was a time that helped the team become more united and overcome some of our targets” she said, adding that the fact that 2021 was the company’s best year ever in terms of results was “gratifying”.
Adega Mayor’s turnover in 2021 was €5.6 million, which exceeded figures for 2019 after years of constant growth. Growth in 2021 was up 10% on 2020.
Adega Mayor is part of the Nabeiro Group whose business suffered as a result of the pandemic, particularly those working with the Horeca channel – a channel which is the economic activity area where the Hotel, Restaurant, Cafeteria and Catering sectors operate.
The company not only produces wine and coffee, but also manages the entire distribution and sale of its products.
Adega Mayor, which sells 25% of its production overseas in Germany, UK, Denmark, the United States and Belgium, has a €500,000 investment slated for 2022/2023 and has earmarked “over a million euros” for a new winery.
The company currently employs 53 people at Adega Mayor which is in Campo Mayor near Portalegre in the Alentejo. The company has increased the prices of its products by around 4%-5%.