World Choral Expo opens in Oeiras in September

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The World Choral Expo, one of the largest choral events in the world, will take place in Oeiras between 3-7 September.

Now in its third edition, the event organised by the International Federation of Choral Music, supported by Oeiras Municipal Council and sponsored by 39Palacete, the International Cultural Club of Portugal (ICPT), Dimalu, Shining Joy, Lidl and Égide, the international choral event of the year  celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

The event will feature a full programme of concerts and workshops  across various venues in the municipality of Oeiras and Lisbon including the Nossa Senhora do Cabo Music School, Jéromimos Monastery, Belém Cultural Centre (CCB), Oeiras Parish Church (Old Town), and the mansion of the Counts of Monte Real.

The five-day event will include overseas visiting choirs such as Collective Singers and Cantares e Poesia, Mosaica and Leioa Kantika Korala, the Canterbury Vocal Ensemble and Lisbon Community Choir, Colourful Voices Gala Concert, Maze and Portland State Chamber Choir, Aarhus Girl’s Choir, Coro and Maria Luciana Secura Choir, among many others.

The President of the IFCM, Emily Kuo Vong said: “we are delighted to welcome you again to the beautiful country of Portugal, which has become our main office since 2019. With this year’s edition of the World Choral EXPO, we will have many activities that support the main goals and vision of our Federation. From 3 to 7 of September, Portugal will become a unique choral harbour for international singing and choral music in general”.

Over the five days, 7 of the best and most distinctive choirs, 2 professional choirs with a total of more than 600 members from around the world, will join the programme. The program will be more colourful and educational than ever. With workshops, masterclasses, joint rehearsals, The Singing Network EXchange, lectures, but also afternoon concerts, gala concerts, and the Colorful Voices programme, the event will host thousands of people in September in Portugal.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques said: “I first want to congratulate the International Federation for Choral Music for choosing Portugal to host this event, and at the same time thank you for the trust you place in us to make here its 1st edition after the pandemic. It is an honour to welcome you and to all who will somehow participate.
In a special way, I would like to welcome all foreign participants to Portugal, wish them a great stay and hope that they will feel at home. On our side I am sure that we all will do everything to provide you with a memorable experience and for the World Choir Expo 2022 to be the best ever”.

The Mayor of Oeiras, Isaltino Morais said: “Between September 3 to 7, Oeiras is going to be filled with music, embracing the local, national and world choral community, and all the lovers of this musical style of singing who visit us. These will be days of intense activities, with a programme including several workshops, lectures and training sessions, as well as daily concerts starring leading choirs, providing unique moments of enjoyment in various venues of the county suitable for the practice of choral music, like auditoriums and churches”.

Manuel Ramalho, President of the ICPT said, “I am proud that Portugal was the country chosen by the president of the International Federation for Choral Music, Emily Kuo Vong, to host the World Choral EXPO this year. An event of world magnitude that will greatly dignify and project our country, bringing thousands of musicians from all over the world”.

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