ProGrow nets €4.2M

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ProGrow, a Portuguese company which transforms any online job post or industrial equipment online, has announced an investment round of €2.9 million, totalling €4.2 million netted so far.

The investment was led by Lince Capital, in a co-investment with Capital Partners and Portugal Ventures, with the aim of boosting the company’s development and democratising digital industrialisation.
“The digitalisation of the factory floor is now accessible to any industrial company”, said Marco Tschan Carvalho, CEO of Growplatform, the company that owns the proGrow platform.
According to the entrepreneur, digitalisation is inevitable for companies, explaining that this is not just about enhancing operational efficiency; companies have a mission to reduce its ecological footprint”.
The proGrow platform works on the principle that “to improve you need to control and to control you need to measure”, Marco Tschan Carvalho believes that “only by possessing information in a simple and clear form which is constantly updated can improvements be achieved in a continuous and sustainable way”.
The investment round with the company has just announced is based on the idea of “uncomplicating’ the digital process in industry.
“We can digitalise any industrial environment in a simple and rapid manner, but above all adapted to the digital maturity of the organisation in question.
This adjustable methodology of implementation means that companies can achieve a return on investment from the first year”.
Vasco Pereira Coutinho, CEO of Lince Capital explains that “proGlow transforms this monitoring process which is typically time consuming, heterogenous and unreliable into a process that is homogenous, connected and reliable”.