Fintech House launches tech hub

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Fintech House, an initiative of Portugal Fintech in partnership with Sítio to foster innovation and to make ideas grow in an ecosystem where every FinTech, RegTech, InsureTech and Cybersecurity company in Portugal can easily interact with regulators, legislators, consultants, banks, investors and other relevant entities, has launched a new tech hub.

The incubation hub aims to support startups in various ways, from getting access to capital, foster talent hookups, involve local banks, insurers, and other players and regulators.
The hub is specialised in financial technology including crypto and blockchain, in all phases of these startups’ development to maturity.
The hub is integrated in the national network of incubators and has six official partners: Fidelidade, Banco BPI, INCM, KPMG, Morais Leitão and VISA.
“The partnership with Fintech House, while recent, has been very advantageous for BPI. The know-how of the companies with their innovative solutions, as well as the conferences and debates they promote, have strengthened the bank’s innovation culture and have helped us to look at the challenges we face in a transformative and collaborative way”, explains Afonso Fuzeta Eça, managing director of BPI’s Centre of Excellence for Innovation and New Business.
In 2020, Fintech House incubated 15 startups, but today has a community of over 80 companies, with a strong International presence from countries such as Brazil, Ukraine, Spain, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and others.
Its new 10-storey headquarters on Avenida Duque de Loulé will meet the needs of new forms of work. The hub also as its own programme at Web Summit, with initiatives and visits from International committees.