Portugal 6th best country for young professionals

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New research has revealed that Portugal is the 6th best country for young professionals with a score of 5.95 out of 10.

Analysts at Lensa – a company that makes it easier for professionals to land the job they are ideal for — have looked at factors such as job availability, cost of living, rent prices for a one-bedroom apartment, and average income to determine the global hotspots for young professionals.
The United States comes out on top for the best location for young professionals to live with a hotspot score of 6.66/10. The US ranked well for multiple factors, including job availability, activities for young professionals, and average annual income. Though, with good job prospects, plenty to do, and good pay, the US also has a relatively high cost of living index score.
Luxembourg is second on the list with a hotspot score of 6.42/10. Luxembourg ranked in the top three for job availability and had a top five ranking for their average annual salary. Furthermore, Luxembourg also has a large foreign population, meaning that many different languages are spoken. This makes Luxembourg a very culturally diverse country and potentially an easier transition.
Romania comes in third with an overall score of 6.08/10. The country boasts an even lower cost of living index than Portugal and a lower average rent cost for a city centre apartment, at $354. However, the average annual salary was much lower and there is less job availability, per 100,000 compared to other locations.
Portugal came in at 6th place as the Best Global Hotspots for Young Professionals with 5.95/10. It states that the average annual income is US$ 23,730, the cost-of-living index is 42.18, the monthly rent for a one-bed apartment in city centres is US$ 721, the percentage of concerts and show activities was among the highest at 2.88%, the percentage of nightlife activities was 6.48. The percentage of sights and landmarks was 28.83%. The Young Professional Hotspot Score was 5.95/10 compared to the US which was 6.66/10. Actual job listings per 100,000 people was 71 compared to 212 in the US and 135 in Luxembourg.